Don't Overlook Renters Insurance. Get Covered.

Renters insurance may help you protect your personal property and more in the event of a unforeseen event. You might assume that you don’t need it because they are covered through their landlord’s insurance. This is not accurate and making an assumption can end up costing you a significant amount of money.

Renters insurance coverage may provide needed protection for:

  • Personal Property - Loss or damage to personal belongings
  • Liability - Protection against judgments for covered events
  • Guest Medical  - Costs for visitors injured at a renter’s home
  • Reimbursed Living Expenses - Costs of temporary housing
Renters Insurance - Monroe NC

Affordable North Carolina Renters Insurance

Whether you are in an apartment, a condo, a townhouse, or a home that you are renting from someone, renters insurance can protect your furniture and other belongings. 

Renters Insurance can be very affordable. Our agents will help you establish an amount of coverage based upon the value of your personal belongings. You may have furniture, collectibles, art, and other items that need to be covered. 

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